3M™ Diamond Grade Reflective Tape 983

3M™ Diamond Grade™ 983 Microprismatic Retroreflective Sheeting Class C ECE104 DG Marking

  • 983 tape is ideal sealing to prevent the penetration of dirt and water.
  • Diversity of bright colours.
  • Retroreflectivity in both wet and dry conditions.


The new CEPE/ONU 48 regulation defines the voluntary or obligatory nature of marking with reflective adhesive materials on the rear and side of the different types of vehicles.

This new regulation makes it compulsory to mark the contour of motor vehicles with at least four wheels intended for the carriage of goods, whose maximum authorised weight exceeds 7.5 m and whose width is 2.1 m or more.

It will be voluntary in the rest of motor vehicles destined to the transport of goods, vans, and buses. Its application in tourism vehicles and their trailer is prohibited when it does not exceed 750 kg.


  • The regulatory marking with our reflective tape will give you the following advantages:
  • Maximum visibility of the vehicle from any angle, thanks to its bright colours.
  • Maximum durability against ageing and weathering.
  • Adaptability on the different surfaces to be applied. Rigid vehicles, tarpaulins, tankers, trailers.
  • Easy to apply (Supplied with spatula and assembly instructions)
  • Approved product.
  • ”Full cube” corner optics.
  • High visibility.
  • It requires less maintenance and therefore saves energy and money.
  • Easy to use.
  • Adaptability to the different surfaces to be applied.
  • Resistant to delamination and other damage.


  • Day and night signalling.
  • Marking.
  • Increased visibility for all types of vehicles.
  • Security.
  • In many automotive vehicles, buses, caravans, emergency vehicles, tankers, trailers, trucks and vans.
  • Vehicle placarding permitted.

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