3M™ High Speed Tape 425

3M™ High Speed Tape

Made of high-quality aluminium, it is an all-round solution for a variety of tasks in aerospace and other industries. Its functionality ranges from masking and flame protection to sealing and temporary repairs on sheet metal panels.

3M™ High Speed Tape

”The difference between aircraft and any other vehicle is that nothing can be exposed, as the 800 km/h airflow can completely damage the exposed part and cause further damage to other areas of the aircraft. […] The parts to be replaced are not always available at each airport or the time required for replacement is too long and would delay a large number of flights. That is why airlines are allowed to use the misnamed ‘adhesive tape’, whose real name is High Speed Tape (HST)”.

J. Morillas (Airbus Pilot)

What is High Speed Aluminium Tape used for?

  • Masking: Its precision and strength make it the ideal tool for masking jobs that demand accuracy and durability.
  • Flame protection: Its flame retardant composition makes it perfect for protecting surfaces and components from the action of fire.
  • Sealing: Its adhesive properties allow effective sealing of joints, seams and other points where airtightness is required.
  • Temporary repairs: Its practicality makes it a fast and effective solution for urgent repairs to sheet metal panels.
3M™ Aluminum Tape

Multifunctional barrier

It acts as a protective shield against the environment against a wide range of external aggressions, including:

  • Moisture: Prevents water infiltration and the formation of condensation, maintaining the integrity of components and systems.
  • External agents: Dust, dirt, UV rays and other harmful elements are blocked, preserving the surface and prolonging the useful life of the materials.
  • Heat: Provides thermal protection to elements sensitive to temperature variations, ensuring their correct functioning.

Beyond protection

  • Fixing: Securely fixes elements such as wiring, conduits or components, guaranteeing their stability and organisation.
  • Sealing: Creates an airtight seal at joints, seams and other points where air, liquids or contaminants need to be prevented from passing through.
  • Patching: Serves as a temporary or permanent solution to repair surface damage or imperfections.

Thermal efficiency and chemical resistance

  • Heat transfer: Facilitates heat transfer between elements, optimising the performance of cooling or heating systems.
  • Chemical resistance: Protects surfaces during processes such as pickling or masking, preventing damage caused by aggressive chemicals.

In summary, 3M™ Aluminium High Speed Tape acts as a multi-functional barrier offering comprehensive and versatile protection against a variety of external agents, while providing practical solutions for fastening, sealing and patching in a wide range of applications.

Advantages 3M™ High Speed Tape

Immune to the elements: Durable strength and protection

This solution is characterised by its robust resistance to a wide range of external agents, including: water, dust, chemicals and ultraviolet radiation.

Further to the resistance

Its capacity goes beyond simple protection, offering additional benefits:

  • Heat and light reflective: Regulates the temperature of surfaces, protecting heat sensitive components and reducing the impact of sunlight.
  • Non-flammable: Does not contribute to combustion, making it a safe choice for fire-risk environments.
  • Good ageing: Maintains its integrity and functionality over time, providing long-lasting and permanent protection.

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