3M™ Marking Tapes – High Quality

3M™ Premium Vinyl Tape 471

3M™ Vinyl Tape 764 – General Purpose

3M™ Vinyl Tape with Safety Stripes 767i / 766i

3M™ Premium Vinyl Tape with Safety Stripes 5700

3M™ Premium Vinyl Tape with Safety Stripes 5702

  • High quality floor marking.
  • Colour coding.
  • Excellent signposting of hazardous areas.

Technical Properties


The 3M™ range of marking tapes have high adhesion to a multitude of surfaces, offering excellent application with no dripping, no wiping and easy removal, which means no residue is left behind.

Their resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and moisture, as well as their intense colour, make them ideal for identification, colour coding, wayfinding, and hazard marking applications.

Depending on customer requirements 3M™ offers a wide range of adhesive tapes for marking/signalling:

  • Permanent marking/marking of zones: 3M™ 471, 3M™ 5700 and 3M™ 5702.
  • Temporary and indoor area marking/marking: 3M™ 764, 3M™ 766i and 3M™ 767i.
  • Marking/marking of high performance floors (extra strength): 3M™ 971.


Colour coding

Data Sheet

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