3M™ Nomad™ Aqua 4500 Mat

3M™ Nomad™ Aqua 4500 Mat

  • It collects moisture and dirt more effectively than normal floor mats.
  • Thanks to its two types of curl woven fiber, it is perfect for entrances and lobbies.
  • It can be simply spliced.

Technical Properties

Placement areaBuilding entrances
Thickness5.6 mm
Total length1.5 m
Number of hooks85680/m²
Edge sealing25 mm
Traffic volume (crossings per day)<500 (low)

Description 3M™ Mat 4500

3M ™ Nomad ™ Aqua are a range of floor mats with two types of terry-knit fibers.


  • Made of PVC loops, with open weave, on foam support that makes it comfortable.
  • Non-slip, in addition to retaining moisture and hiding the finest dirt.
  • Adaptable to decoration thanks to its great design.
  • Its foam base prevents dirt and moisture from damaging the floor.
  • High durability.
  • Easy cleaning with a simple vacuum.
  • Very simple installation.
  • Removes dirt from shoes, eliminating fingerprint problems.
  • Not recommended for kitchens, oily areas and permanently humid areas.

Main applications

  • Entrance
  • Lobby.
  • Low traffic areas.


  • Automotive.
  • Electronics.
  • Feeding.
  • General industry.
  • General trade.
  • Transport.
  • Military maintenance (MRO).
  • Metal works.


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