3M™ VHB™ Fitas Adesivas

3M VHB Double-Sided Foam Adhesive Tapes


3M VHB Double-Sided Foam Adhesive Tapes are the strongest and most durable of all.

This type of closed cell adhesive tape has very high performance, and is capable of replacing screws, rivets, welds and other classical mechanical joints.

When we use a high-performance tape, the joint is not concentrated only on a single point, but is distributed over the entire substrate, distributing the effort that the material has to withstand.

What are the main advantages of a 3M VHB Double-Sided Foam tape versus mechanical bonding?

  • Instant Adhesion – Instantly bond surfaces.
  • Shock absorption: its different thicknesses absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • It adapts to stresses: ability to expand and contract, very useful when dealing with different materials and coefficients of expansion.
  • Distributes the effort: by increasing the joint surface, we avoid critical areas with greater effort.
  • Adaptability: it is a very flexible and malleable material.
  • Waterproof: memory foam tape permanently seals the bonded surfaces.
  • Aesthetic improvement: avoiding rivets and screws we make the joints cleaner.
  • Speed: we optimize work time and reduce manufacturing costs.
  • Personalization: possibility of die-cutting in custom pieces under drawing.

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