Fluido 3M Novec 649

3M NOVEC 649 Fluid


3M Novec Specialty Fluid is a versatile, non-flammable fluid used in a variety of critical industrial applications.

Thanks to their excellent dielectric properties and a wide range of boiling points, these fluids have excellent material compatibility and thermal stability.

Top applications for 3M Novec fluids:

  • Solvent cleaning and steam degreasing
  • Thermal control
  • Immersion cooling for data centers
  • Immersion cooling for power electronics

Novec specialty fluids provide safe and sustainable high performance cooling for semiconductor applications, aerospace products, electronic components, and other applications involving heat transfer.

3M ™ Novec ™ 649 is an advanced heat transfer fluid useful in absorbing heat.

Features 3M Novec 649 Fluid

  • It is a transparent and odorless fluid.
  • It has a very low global warming potential, it does not destroy the ozone layer.
  • It has a large safety margin during use.
  • It has low viscosity and high molecular weight, as well as a low pour point.
  • It belongs to the 3M product line designed as a substitute for ozone-depleting substances and compounds with high global warming potential (GWP) such as sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), such as HFC-134a and HFC 245fa.

This product is already considered essential for Bitcoin miners, server companies, gamers, influencers, for overclocking, and for people who require an optimal level of cooling of their computer equipment.

Technical Application

Specifications 3M Novec 649 Fluid

  • Application: Dielectric Fluid, Power Electronics Refrigeration, Waste Heat Recovery.
  • Cleaning Capacity: Tasks of light difficulty.
  • Compatibility: Metals, Plastics.
  • Compatibility with plastic elastomers: Excellent.
  • Degree of purity: Standard.
  • GWP (IPCC 2007): 1 (100 yr ITH).
  • Overall length (metric): 34.8 cm, 43.18 cm, 23.5 cm, 24.29 cm.
  • Dielectric withstand range:> 40 (0.1 “gap, kV).
  • Maximum use temperature range: <300°C.
  • GWP range: Very low.
  • Replacement for: HFC-123a.
  • Product series: Novec 649.
  • Fluorocarbon Solubility: Very High.
  • Hydrocarbon solubility: Low.
  • Volume: 10.78 L, 3.79 L. Special container 1 L.

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