3M™ Double-Sided Tapes

Since 2000, SOLBI-MURAL S.L. has been dedicated to the distribution and conversion of 3M™ adhesive tapes, as well as other industrial adhesives. So we can offer a wide range of solutions to your requirements.

We have a wide variety of one-sided adhesive tapes (packaging tapes, krepp, polyester, coating, aluminium, reflective and/or photoluminescent) as well as 3M™ double-sided tapes (transfer tapes, acrylic, foam tapes, film backings, VHB, GPH, among others).

We are specialists and we can supply you with any product tailored to your needs. You can choose the width, thickness, length and even the final shape of the selected adhesive piece (adhesive die-cuts).

Our technical team is always on the lookout for new 3M™ double-sided tapes that can optimise your production processes in a creative and innovative way.

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