3M™ NOVEC™ Engineered Fluids

As a 3M™ Distributor, we can offer you the 3M™ NOVEC™ Engineered Fluids:

  • Versatile and non-flammable.
  • Used in a variety of essential industrial applications.
  • Excellent dielectric properties.
  • Wide range of boiling points.
  • High compatibility with a variety of materials.
  • Excellent thermal stability.


Applications for 3M™ NOVEC™ Technical Fluid 649:
  • Solvent cleaning and vapour degreasing.
  • Thermal control.
  • Immersion cooling for data centres and power electronics.
  • Especially effective for overclocking (modification of computer components to increase their processing speed).
  • It is the most efficient technology at the moment for Bitcoin mining and transaction processing on the Blockchain.


Applications of 3M™ NOVEC™ Technical Fluid 7100:
  • Solvent-based, sustainable and safe cleaning.
  • Effectively removes heavy oils, fluoropolymers and lubricants.
  • Precision cleaning:
  • Steam degreasing.
  • Immersion cleaning.
  • Heat transfer fluid.
  • Data centre cooling.
  • Electronic cooling.
  • Biological preservation (food).
  • Cleaning of high-end jewellery, and precision healthcare instruments (dentistry and surgery).
Utilities of 3M™ NOVEC™ Technical Fluid 1230:
  • Class A, B and C fire suppression.
  • Safe fire protection of high value assets (hardware, data centres, electronic equipment, books, documents, works of art, etc.).
Utilities of 3M™ NOVEC™ 73DE Technical Fluid:
  • Immersion cleaning.
  • Degreasing cleaning.
  • Spray cleaning.
  • Removes: Oils, greases, silicones, fluxes and waxes.


Other 3M™ 3M™ NOVEC™ Engineered Fluids are also available, please contact us for more information.

Fluido 3M Novec 649

3M NOVEC 649 Fluid

ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE: COOLANT FLUID 3M Novec Specialty Fluid is a versatile, non-flammable fluid used in a variety of critical industrial applications. Thanks to their excellent dielectric properties and a wide range of boiling points, these fluids have excellent material compatibility and thermal stability. Top applications for 3M Novec fluids: Novec specialty fluids provide safe and

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