3M™ Structural Epoxy Adhesives

We found that 3M™ Epoxy Adhesives change in performance from rigid to flexible, and there are also other enhanced formulations created for greater fatigue resistance.

  • Resistant to extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to moisture, most solvents and other conditions.
  • Bicomponent ratio 2:1.
  • Different chemistries provide a variety of surface preparation, cure time, and strength building, so you can find the best options for your process


3M™ Epoxy Rigid Structural Adhesives:

  • High holding power in the long term.
  • Resistance, in minor elongations, to greater traction.


3M™ Epoxy Flexible Structural Adhesives:

  • Excellent resistance to peeling.
  • High adhesion to plastics.
  • High resistance to a minor tension in greater elongations.
  • Greater resistance capacity in the differential movement of joined parts.

3M™ Epoxy Reinforcers:

  • Perfect for dynamic tensions.
  • Ideal resistance to peeling, blows, shock loads and vibrations.
  • Great resistance to fatigue.
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