3M™ 1074 Adhesive Hook, HANG TABS, Transparent

The 3M 1074 Adhesive Hook, Hang Tab, from ScotchPad™ allows packaging graphics to be seen. Attaches to the vast majority of product surfaces or packaging for retail shelf display applications. Blister adhesive hang tabs include a biaxially oriented polyester film with a pressure-sensitive, heat-melt rubber resin adhesive backing and is laminated to a polyester top.

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  • Adhesive hangers that quickly stick to the surface of a product.
  • These hangers are excellent for hanging wrapped packages and for in-store repair of damaged packages.
  • With a clear polyester backing, they resist abrasion, cracking and tearing, while allowing important packaging copy and graphics to show through.
  • Clear pads do not obscure packaging graphics.
  • Pre-cut, flexible format for convenience and ease of use.
  • Strong polyester backing resists abrasion, tearing and cutting.
  • Aggressive hot melt rubber resin adhesive bonds to a variety of surfaces, including wrapped packaging.
  • Perfect for use in food, stationery, general industry, retail, pharmacies, commercial departments, home and garden.
  • Packaging, fixing, repair, display and hanging.

Suggested applications

  • Use for hanging shrink-wrapped packages and for in-store repair of damaged packaging, such as punctures or tears in chipboard header cards.

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