3M Dual Lock Removable Lock Systems


The 3M Dual Lock repositionable closures are made of a plastic support from which mushroom-shaped hooks protrude that interlock when pressed against each other.

This type of joint can well replace other mechanical joints such as screws or rivets, being much easier and simpler to place.

The main advantages of our Dual lock tape would be:

  • High strength temporary bond.
  • Supports more than 1000 openings.
  • We avoid placing screws and other types of mechanical joints.
  • Easy and fast installation … and therefore very profitable.
  • Substantial aesthetic improvement.
  • Resistant to UV rays, humidity, cold, heat.

Mushroom heads slide easily over each other allowing parts to be positioned prior to nesting to create a firm hold. Once attached, the attachment systems are hidden from view and leave a smooth surface that helps create a clean look.

The system has a modified acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that bonds to many plastics (polyethylene, acrylic, polycarbonate and ABS) and electrostatic paints, as well as medium and low surface energy materials with little or no surface preparation.

3M Dual Lock Removable lock systems have been widely used in the transportation, electronics, office equipment, machinery, medical, and signage and display markets.

This product provides a strong and concealed bond with the convenience of being able to open and close many times; this way you can remove unsightly screws, rivets, hooks, bolts, zippers and other methods of fastening. Additionally, there is no need to drill holes that could weaken the part or substrate, and no tools are required to assemble and remove the part. You have more options for fixing, clamping and connecting surfaces.


Use in general industry, specialty vehicles, transportation, military use, packaging, medical use, point of sale displays, exhibitions, electronics, construction, furniture, and maintenance and repair tasks

Use to hold doors, flexible solar panels, siding, access panels, signs and display components

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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